Illumyx Recommends Omnia Assessment Solutions

Assessment Solutions…Because Culture Matters From Day One

Illumyx has partnered with Omnia Group to provide real-world, business relevant insight into the inner workings of your most valuable asset…your people. Omnia Reports can be used as the foundation for selecting, engaging and retaining employees.

The Omnia Assessment is a simple, yet amazingly accurate, behavioral tool to improve your Illumyx Culture Score. It’s fast and easy, with no confusing questions or irrelevant multiple choice scenarios. Within 10 minutes, you can identify the workplace aptitudes of candidates and employees.

Omnia Retention Reports– Realize and maximize your staff’s potential! Omnia retention reports provide invaluable insight to improve long-term fit, increase motivation and optimize productivity. They build awareness of an employee’s needs, so you can effectively lead and inspire each individual in a way that matters to them.

Looking for future leaders? The Retention Report is a great tool for succession planning as well as uncovering the strengths and challenges of employees to allocate manpower before a merger or acquisition. Retention reports are also ideal for team building to improve communication, reduce conflict and promote your cultural standards.

Omnia Selection Reports– Whether you are hiring, promoting or deciding if a current employee can transfer easily to a new department, Omnia selection assessments provide reliable data to make more effective decisions.

Omnia’s selection reports are fully customizable or right off-the-shelf. From our analyst-interpreted Profile Report to our instant Target Report, we have a tool to meet your needs and budget.

Don’t miss out on the Omnia Cognitive Assessment either! This assessment provides a reliable measure of a candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems and comprehend ideas using General Mental Ability (GMA). Studies show that GMA is a strong indicator of successful job performance across a variety of jobs, making this an excellent pre-hire tool. Hire right the first time and use the power of behavioral insight to cultivate your culture from day one!

To improve your Illumyx Culture Score and promote leadership development, Omnia Assessments are the trusted tool to help identify new leadership and improve hiring and retention rates.

Illumyx recommends Omnia Assessment Solutions

What some of our customers have to say...

Allstate Insurance

I tell people about Omnia all the time. I became a believer after I profiled myself, someone on my staff, and the person I ultimately hired. The Profile was dead accurate each time, and I love that it’s not just helpful on paper, but I can call and talk to a real person about the Profile afterward.

Sharie Withers - Independent Insurance Agent All State Insurance