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I Should Have Listened to Omnia!

July 6, 2011

By: Kerry

When we asked Sandy Wasson & Associates Insurance if there was ever a time when they went against the results of an Omnia Profile, this is what they had to say…. 

In our need to hire an employee, a young lady came in and interviewed very well. Her references checked out and, contrary to our office procedure of Profiling first, we offered her the job. She accepted and we Profiled. It was so bad we didn’t even share it with her, but we were determined to make it work. Ha!! 

She lived up to the expectations of the Profile and then some: erratic behavior, office gossip, personal calls, etc. Then she left her position in the middle of the day and did not call or advise us that she had quit. We sent her a registered letter and told her that in order to receive any pay due her she would need to contact the office and come and collect it personally, never dreaming we would hear from her again. 

She called the day she received the letter and came in to pick up the check with an “oh well” attitude. She then proceeded to explain she was having an all kinds of personal problems outside of work an she just couldn’t handle the stress. We never even wanted to know if it was the stress of the job or the stress of the "other". 

- Moral of the story… Profile FIRST, read it, and THEN decide if you want to hire!


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