Grange Insurance and the Omnia Group

Take the hassle out of hiring with Omnia Employee Behavioral Assessments!

Grange Insurance and the Omnia Group

Omnia is a preferred resource partner of Grange Insurance

To be a high-performing agency, you need high performance producers and sales managers. In this competitive economy, it’s more important than ever to make the best hiring decisions and ensure a strong return on your investment.

Our assessment tool, The Omnia Profile, reveals an individual’s personality tendencies in the workplace giving agency owners the insight they need to select, retain, develop and engage their biggest asset … people.

How can our employee assessment help you?

Selecting Top Producers and Managers

Identify your candidate’s fit to the agency culture, management style, and demands of the job.


Discover how to improve an employee’s long-term fit within your agency, increasing motivation, engagement and productivity.  Reveal new ways to make your sales team stronger with The Omnia Sales Style Report.

The 3 C’s: Collaboration, Communication  and Conflict

Working as a cohesive team is essential to agency success. Uncover the personality tendencies of an employee compared to others on the team, including the current supervisor. Learn how to use those tendencies to increase collaboration, reduce conflict and communicate even more effectively.

15 minutes or less!

That’s all it takes to complete our online behavioral assessment!

Professional Development Made Easy

Omnia’s professional development webinars are monthly and free!  We provide a live, valuable, online learning experience with our expert advisors on topics like sales style, conflict resolution, communication, team development, employee on-boarding and much more.


View Sample Reports Here:

Omnia Selection Report | Omnia Retention Report | Omnia Target Report

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