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“I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone, than hire the wrong person.” ~ Jeff Bezos

Hiring is tough enough – hiring for high volume, high turnover positions is like fighting a never-ending battle. Does is feel like you’re filling one seat only to have another vacated? It’s time to win the battle and move forward. The Omnia Target Selection Report can help you get ahead, reduce turnover, increase retention and lower hiring costs.

We can’t make turnover go away completely, but we can provide a cutting edge tool to help you reduce it. The Omnia Target Selection Report gives you the value and versatility of a custom assessment with the convenience and affordability of instant, online results. You get personalized benchmarking, tailored reporting and immediate feedback.

Everything we do is based on your needs, your budget, and your processes. The Omnia Target Report can compare candidates to a target developed exclusively from your top, proven performers in the job. Or, we have industry targets based on our own research and experience.

Like all our tools, The Omnia Target Selection Report comes with Omnia’s unconditional client support. Our expert Client Advisors provide the level of service you want from implementation to answering individual user questions.

Our instant reports are specifically designed for high volume users.  Each report includes:

And we don’t stop there… unlike many pre-employment reports, we give you post-hire advice you can use immediately. Get each employee off to the right start with our motivational strategies, coaching advice and action plan.

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