BMW and Omnia Behavioral Assessments

BMW recommends the Omnia Profile to Hire Right


Do you wish you could get a sneak peek of a candidate’s natural job behaviors before investing valuable time, energy and money on training? Or a cheat sheet of your employees’ motivators? You can!

The Omnia Profile, our simple, yet amazingly accurate, behavioral assessment, provides you with the workplace aptitudes of candidates and employees.  It’s fast, just 10 minutes. It’s easy, no confusing questions or irrelevant multiple choice scenarios.

Our Omnia Target Report reveals an individual’s tendencies in the workplace as they relate to the BMW defined behaviors, giving business leaders the relevant insight into the inner workings of their most valuable asset, people.

How can the Omnia Target Report be used?


Find out if the candidates will be a good fit for your organization before you hire with our successful BMW job benchmarks!

Selection Before Promotion

Compare your candidate to others performing successfully in that position as well as to our database “targets” for the positions in your dealership.


Retain top performers.  Understand the compatibility of the employee with the demands of the position and workplace.

Team Building

Get an understanding of the people that work on your team.  Understand their strengths and challenges.

How to Get Started

Check out a Sample Target Report here.

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BMW recommends Omnia employee behavioral assessments

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