DCO Report

Omnia® DCO Report


Do you want to learn about your employee’s strengths and challenges and receive suggestions for improvement and development?  We can help!

Let Omnia provide the insight, details and solutions to your most challenging employee issues.

The Omnia® DCO report:

  • Behavioral Assessment, Employment Consulting, Talent ManagementDissects and organizes the behavioral components that make up your team/department/company. See at a glance who the leaders, followers, extroverts, analytics, innovators, perfectionists and multi-taskers are.
  • Details how your department interacts, communicates and solves problems.
  • Highlights who exhibits leadership potential, sales aptitude or any number of hidden talents you want us to identify.
  • Includes employee motivators, as well as the optimum ways to manage each employee.
  • Helps turn co-workers into a more effective, cohesive team by identifying communication barriers and other problem areas.
  • Outlines the manager’s communication and work style compared to the needs/preferences of the staff.
  • Is a lengthy, detailed and frank report. Often recommended for the manager’s eyes only.
  • Identifies traits missing from the group or department.

Each employee receives a full Omnia® Profile Report, complete with a behavioral summary, motivators and a proposed career path.

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