Team Dynamics Suite

The Omnia Team Dynamics Suite!

Grasping the concept of leadership and synergy can produce stellar results. Utilizing your tools and your team are vital in becoming an unparalleled leader. Leadership development is not an individual sport!


Team Dynamics Report

This report takes the Omnia Profile to the next level. By examining how the strengths and challenges of individual team members interact, you receive real solutions for improving communication and cohesiveness.

  • Learn strategies for developing team members based on individual strengths and challenges.
  • Increase self-awareness; when teammates take the time to understand each other and how they each view the world, the group as a whole becomes more effective.
  • Receive a conclusion addressing your specific questions and business challenges.

The Team Dynamics report is a forthright illustration of the issues and trends of your group and what you can do to address them. The report varies in length depending on the number of participants and includes the individual profile results to be shared at the manager’s discretion.

Team Dynamics On-Site Consult

An on-site direct verbal team analysis targeted to specific topics identified in the Team Analysis Questionnaire.

  • 8 hours on-site personal consultation includes direct verbal team analysis. The analyzed topics are determined through completion of the Team Analysis questionnaire and an initial phone consultation.
  • Average of 15 participants per 8 hour on-site consultation – could be more or less depending on topic.
  • Each analysis can include a team workshop that will last a minimum of 1 ½ hours and is customized to the team needs.
  • Executive Summary of workshops.  Includes workshop analysis, recommendations, and action plans.
  • Team Graph Overview includes all participants’ individual graphs.

Team Dynamics Phone Consult

This team analysis is geared towards smaller teams, but still delivers a personal targeted discussion.

  • Direct verbal team analysis targeted to specific topics identified in Team Analysis Questionnaire.
  • 1 to 2 hour conference call or webinar with manager(s) and/or team participants
  • Team Graph Overview includes all participants’ individual graphs.
  • Number of participants can range from 3 – 10