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Dustin Harris The Appraiser Coach recommends the Omnia Assessment

Dustin Harris has been using Omina for nearly a decade and swears by it.  In less than 15 minutes, our online tool helps appraisers determine if an employee, contractor, or trainee candidate is the right fit for the company and position. Our core product, the Omnia Profile, is an independently-validated behavioral assessment founded on solid psychometric principles. Omnia’s cutting edge technology delivers an easy-to-complete assessment, measuring preferred workplace behavior and providing valuable insight for our clients’ unique needs. With millions of profiles analyzed, our extensive experience saves appraisers time and money by uncovering the best “fit” for a specific job , lowering turnover rates, and developing better teams.

Each Omnia report includes:

  • An easy-to-read graph and a clear discussion of your candidate’s strengths and challenges
  • Unlimited support from our expert Client Advisors
  • Behavioral insight to help you to make the most informed hiring and employee management decisions.

GET A FREE ASSESSMENT added to your initial Omnia package purchase when you use this page to sign up!

Exclusive offer:

Purchase the first report for only $185.

Dustin Harris The Appraiser Coach recommends the Omnia Assessment

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