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omnia grammar assessment

There, Their, They’re: Now Omnia Can Help Soothe Your Grammar Woes.

The new Omnia Grammar Assessment is a simple tool that evaluates an individual's knowledge of basic grammar concepts such as punctuation, spelling and verb usage. It can help you identify potential problems from the start and shape your hiring decisions.

The Omnia

Hire for fit, manage for optimum performance. Custom reports assess candidates and existing staff.


Develop job benchmarks based on the traits of top performers, enabling you to find your next wave of talent.


Measure your candidate’s ability to reason, solve problems and comprehend ideas. Cognitive aptitude is a strong indicator of successful job performance.

Leadership Style

Encourage your organization’s managers to be self-aware of their own leadership styles so they can best support their teams.

Development Report

Inspire each employee to take charge of their personal and professional development to succeed in both the short and long term.


Get to the bottom of your culture's strengths and challenges, ensuring your employees are satisfied with the way they see themselves as part of your organization.

Sales Style

Motivate your sales reps to understand their personal sales strengths and challenges to boost performance and revenue.

Customer Service
Style Report

Give your CSRs the tools they need to grow professionally and increase customer loyalty.

Collections Style

Maximize recovery efforts by helping your collection specialists learn more about how they approach the job to improve challenges and capitalize on strengths.

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