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Omnia Success Story: Advertising Sales

An independent study verified the Omnia Profile is 93% accurate. Omnia has also gathered information from clients verifying how the Profile has helped individual companies improve their selection and retention of employees.

A major telecommunications company wanted to hire yellow pages advertising salespeople similar to its top performers, individuals who would be able to handle its high-pressure environment. First, Omnia gave the Profile to its top performers and created a composite of the specific traits they shared. Future candidates took the 720 Profile, which measured their behaviors against the composite of the top performers, as part of the interview process. A study was then completed measuring the performance of the original top salespeople and those new salespeople who had taken the Omnia 720 Profile, during a period of 15 pay cycles.

These are the results:

  • The original top performers continued to do well, meeting or exceeding quota for 86.5% of the pay periods.
  • New salespeople who scored a “strong” rating on the Omnia 720 Profile did nearly as well, meeting or exceeding quota for 80.4% of pay periods.
  • New salespeople who scored a “low” rating on the Omnia 720 Profile struggled, only meeting or exceeding quota for 32.7% of pay periods.

It is clear from the results that salespeople identified as strong candidates by the Omnia 720 Profile were much more likely to succeed than those who were identified as having low compatibility with the demands of the job.

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