Meet our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team


Omnia has been around since 1985, and we are fortunate to have a team of passionate, talented, dedicated professionals who enjoy collaborating together to exceed our client’s needs.  


Heather Caswell, Omnia CEO


Heather Caswell
Co-founder of The Omnia Group, Heather provides strategic leadership and direction to the organization with a focus on delivering exceptional service and constantly pursuing new directions to benefit our clients.



Wendy Sheaffer, SVP Operations

SVP Operations

Wendy Sheaffer
Wendy joined Omnia as an analyst in 1998 and now serves as operations and product manager. She works directly with Omnia clients and staff to facilitate special projects, training sessions and continuous product improvement.



Bob Hamilton CTO


Bob Hamilton
IT is crucial to every aspect of business today and Bob brings years of technology development, operations, P&L management and strategic planning expertise to his role. Bringing technology and strategy together, Bob oversees the multi-faceted tech needs of Omnia.

Steve Rorrer, CFO


Steve Rorrer
With Omnia since 1991, Steve is a Florida licensed CPA. He oversees the organization’s finances with a constant commitment to making Omnia more efficient, productive and competitive. He brings the strategy and details together.



Carletta Clyatt, SVP Sales

SVP Sales

Carletta Clyatt
Carletta joined Omnia in 2000. She provides leadership and coaching to our sales and service teams, as well as selection and retention guidance to senior-level decisions makers for hundreds of domestic and international businesses.

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