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Discover how behavioral insight can positively impact your business!


Build a thriving, productive workplace culture by selecting, engaging and retaining top talent with Omnia's employee behavioral assessment!

Our tool, The Omnia Profile, provides business owners and managers with insight into individual employee strengths and challenges.

This invaluable guide to an existing or new employee’s best fit in a company, potential for success and ability to mesh within a work culture makes managing even a wide range of recession-weary personalities easier!

How Omnia can help you:

  • Employee Selection
  • Transfer or Promotion
  • Keeping Your A Players
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning
  • Professional Partnering

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Carletta Clyatt Senior Vice President at the Omnia Group

Carletta Clyatt, SVP  | 800.525.7117 x1226 | Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Carletta Clyatt is the Senior Vice President at the Omnia Group. She provides employee hiring and retention guidance to senior level decision makers at hundreds of domestic and international businesses. Carletta is a frequent speaker at meetings/conventions on topics such as Interoffice Dynamics, The Art of Hiring Smart, Authentic Communication and Power Interviewing. She is also a member of many societies, including the Society of Human Resource Managers.

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