BGI Marketing

I was introduced to Omnia in 2004, and began testing their service to measure how they stood up to several other similar companies we had used in the past.  We immediately saw the HUGE value they brought to our business.  We will never make another hire or promote another person inside our business without doing the Omnia Profile and having a conversation with a profile reviewer.  Our employees and managers are continued to be blown away by the accuracy and even more important to us is the interaction with the Omnia staff.

Bill Gough - President BGI Marketing
BR Transport

We have begun to give more weight to the Omnia Profile in the past 12 months. In the years preceding this 12 month period, we conducted Omnia Profiles on all candidates.  It seems that we did not examine the profiles as closely or take the results as seriously as we should have.   When employees were unsuccessful, leaving the company or being terminated within a year of hiring; we went back and studied the Omnia Profile for that employee at the time of hire.  Although it is difficult to determine the specific costs savings on our successfully retained employees; approximately 80% of the employees who left the company did not receive a full recommendation for hire on their original Omnia Profile.Believe me, we pay more attention now.

Mr. Jan M. Thies - General Manager BR Transport

Coast Dental

Last year, we decided to implement the use of Omnia assessments into our selection process with new team members. We have been very pleased with the service that Omnia provides every step along the way. The assessment have been very helpful in learning about a person’s work styles and preferences prior to making a hiring decision. After using the Omnia assessment for several months, I feel like I was hiring new team members in the dark before using the Omnia assessment.

Michele S. Zucco, PHR - Associate Vice President, Shared Services & Talent Management Coast Dental
Tribridge Consulting

The Omnia Group “Profile” is a great tool to use when hiring new people into your organization. It was a valuable tool in comparing my top performer’s Profile to a new candidate. If an employee did not work out and we needed to terminate for performance, I would bring up the Profile from the hiring process and review the findings again and every time Omnia had targeted the candidate right on the money. I would never go against what the profile again after a couple of bad hires.

Chris Milan - Senior Regional Director TriBridge Consulting

Allstate Insurance

I tell people about Omnia all the time. I became a believer after I profiled myself, someone on my staff, and the person I ultimately hired. The Profile was dead accurate each time, and I love that it’s not just helpful on paper, but I can call and talk to a real person about the Profile afterward.

Sharie Withers - Independent Insurance Agent All State Insurance
Killian Davis Law

Omnia has been an invaluable resource in the success of our law firm over the years. We have relied on them to screen, interview and evaluate applicants. Any successful business knows they must invest time and money to recruit and hire quality people, but few appreciate the value of developing and retaining them. OMNIA’s individualized development program identifies strengths, areas of growth and dormant skills of individual staff. They provide specific strategies and pathways to develop one’s potential. The result is employee satisfaction, productivity and optimum performance. Omnia’s Client Advisors act more like partners in your success rather than consultants. They are professional, knowledgeable and highly responsive. Omnia models the type of performance expected of a highly effective organization.

Daniel R. Robinson, Esq. - Attorney Killian & Davis, P.C.

2020 Brand Solution

Omnia's sales assessment tool is something that should be in the toolkit of anyone responsible for leading and growing sales teams.  I have not run across a more objective, accurate assessment of sales behavior tendencies in over 25 years in hiring for sales.  The Omnia tool...and as importantly the one-on-one assistance available to analyze the assessments is unbelievable.  This tool is, without question, the proper counter balance to the subjective, personal assessment and gut feel that are part of making a sound, profitable, mutually beneficial sales hire

Dave Peterson - Director of Sales 2020 Brands
Security Solutions

The Omnia Profiles have changed the way we hire. We are now able to look at the person’s strengths and weaknesses before hiring, saving the company and the candidate a bad experience due to a poor match. The Omnia analysts have made all the difference, as they personally guide us through the person’s personality and strengths, allowing us the best opportunity to hire right the first time. Since deploying this service almost five years ago, we have only had one new hire that didn’t work out, and that would have been caught with the new cognitive assessment Omnia now offers.

Jamie Vos - General Manager Security Solutions

Colton RV

Your company has been great to deal with, we do use you and another personality assessment company, but your customer service and response time is far superior!

Annmarie Schneider - Colton RV - Staffing Coordinator Colton RV
Progressive Physical Therapy

We started using the Omnia Profile about three years ago with all of our professional staff hires. Amazingly, the personality profile is spot on and it helped us hire the right people for our company. The profile created goes beyond other personality tests as it predicts a candidate’s behavioral traits and sense of purpose.  I never would have believed it to be so accurate until I used it.  As an added benefit, we are better able to understand how to work with, train and motivate the staff that have taken the profile. Needless to say, I highly recommend using the Omnia Profile as a tool in hiring candidates that are best matched for your company. 

Stevyn Voyles - Vice President/COO Progressive Physical Therapy

Boyd Insurance

It is always a pleasure working with the fine people at Omnia. I am a firm believer in your group. Went with my “gut” many years ago with another firm when we used Omnia and I paid the 'Price'!! Keep up the good work.

Richard Gross - COO Boyd Insurance
Sage Dental (Gentle Dental)

We started working with The Omnia Group about a year ago to assist us with our hiring process.  We now run the Omnia assessment on all candidates that we interview, and are also planning to run the assessment on all employees who have not taken the assessment.  The results have provided us with invaluable information for selecting and managing our candidates and employees. We are thrilled with the depth and accuracy of the results, and are equally as thrilled with the level of customer service that we receive from our Account Manager.  The team at The Omnia Group are very knowledgeable in their product and have provided us with ongoing training and support on how to interpret and utilize the results.  We look forward to a long partnership with The Omnia Group, and highly recommend their service to all HR departments!

Caroline Terazawa - Talent Acquisition Specialist Sage Dental (formerly known as Gentle Dental)
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