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Our Senior Sales Consultants are available for speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and webinars.

From the Art of Hiring Smart to Reducing Turnover, The Omnia Group has an interactive workshop to fit your needs. Let us guide you through the complex world of interoffice dynamics and authentic communication to propel your leadership, team and business to the next level.  Our seminars offer real-world examples, practical solutions and specific advice in a fun, engaging setting.

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Some of our most popular speaking topics! Choose one or we can customize based on your exact needs:

Authentic Communication

Knowing your natural communication style and behavioral tendencies are powerful management and self awareness tools. Recognizing the differences within your team and managing to their preferences are traits of strong leaders. Authentic Communication gives you the tools and techniques for stronger, more productive communication with the various personalities of your staff.

Cash, Kudos or Pizza…What Motivates Your Staff?

Yawns, shrugs, blank stares… are these the things you too often see when speaking to your staff? If so, whatever you’ve been doing to motivate them may not be working. Change your tactics. Tapping into the hot and cold buttons of your staff is your greatest secret weapon. We’ll teach you how to do just that in Cash, Kudos or Pizza… what motivates your staff?

What You Really Learn from Personality Profiling

This class is for Managers who have hired the wrong person, wondered why employees don’t meet expectations, or struggled with motivating/communicating with their staff. If this sounds familiar, you might want to hear about solutions to maximize your staff’s potential. You will learn more about who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and your leadership traits. This includes how you communicate and manage others and how to “handle” different types of employees.

Creating a Sales Culture: Coaching CSRs to Sell

If you are creating a sales culture, you have to make selling comfortable for CSRs. It’s no secret most dislike it and prefer to simply avoid the task altogether. Many CSRs panic if asked to press for a sale. Insight into your CSR’s natural work practices and communication style allows you to play into strengths and navigate around weaknesses when it comes to making confident cross-sellers of service workers.

Discover Hidden Talent in your Organization

Many business owners are reassessing their teams. Emphasis is currently being placed on the completion of succession plans, and next-generation initiatives are getting launched now instead of later. Knowing who has leadership potential and who works best with people has never been more critical than it is now. In order to successfully transfer, promote or develop workers, you must first have a clear understanding of their innate traits, desires and typical responses to situations.

 The Art of Hiring Smart

If you are resigned to thinking that turnover is a way of life or considering not growing so you won’t have to hire, this seminar will give you confidence and a plan for hiring and recruiting success. Handouts include: interview questions, recruiting checklist, applicant evaluation forms.

Power Interviewing

We’ve all hired someone who did great in their interview, only to have their evil twin appear just a short time later. Power Interviewing will help improve your selection process and weed out the “evil twins”! This presentation is designed to increase your results and efficiency. Learn how to create an interview strategy, ask behavioral questions, not settle for vague answers, pre-screen and enhance listening skills.

How Empowered Employees Impact the Client Experience

Micro management can limit an employee’s ability to think about boosting customer service, perhaps even stifling the urge to help. Learn what people need to feel empowered toward providing the ultimate customer experience. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to set guidelines that provide wiggle room to make service decisions, plus reel in those that have a tendency to go overboard.

How to Develop your Team

Teams are not simple; however, a good manager can make it look like they are. There are basic principles involved in team building and you, as a superior, play a key role. Keep in mind that people are not always going to agree on everything or anything, but good team members can at least communicate.

Retention – How to Keep Your A-Team

50% of staff turnover is a result of incompatibility with something in the workplace. You, the boss, are the single largest culture/workplace influence. Attendees will learn the key elements of employee retention starting with the “right” way to bring a new employee into your organization. Realizing and maximizing your staff’s potential improves both morale and productivity. Specific tactics such as leadership preferences, development preferences and ways to identify development opportunities will be revealed both from class discussion and instructor led solutions. Because you’re doing more with less, mentoring, coaching, motivating, managing and continuous training are critical employee retention elements. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn a retention process which is easily implemented.

Interoffice Dynamics: Recruiting and Retaining Your Workforce

It is critical to identify who your key players are to maximize performance and boost production on the inside, it’s important to know before you hire. People typically recruit based off of pedigree and interviews but are surprised to learn months later that they really don’t know much about the inner workings of who they hired. They don’t have a sense of how they tick – what motivates them, how to manage them, how to communicate and work closely with them. When people are in positions that align with their inherent skill sets, they are happier, more enthused, engaged, and productive. Your employees can be and should be your best marketing tool.

Reducing Sales Turnover

Hiring and retaining capable Sales Representatives presents an enormous challenge to today’s employers. The cost of losing and replacing each employee is equivalent to their annual salary. Come find out characteristics to look for in Sales candidates, interview questions to ask, and the common traits found in top Sales Representatives.

How to Make the Omnia Profile Work for You

Learn how to use the Omnia Profile as a daily management tool. Understanding what makes your team tick – what motivates them, how to manage them, how to communicate and work closely with them will boost engagement and productivity.

Maximizing Personalities for Sales Success

Not everyone is cut out for sales, but they are on your sales team anyway. This class defines the non-traditional sales personalities (or as we like to call them…sales phonies) and offers management, coaching and motivational techniques to maximize their sales success.