The Omnia Sales Style Report

Take your sales and sales team to the next level with an Omnia Sales Style Report!

Are you happy with your sales numbers? Feel there is talent on your team but aren’t sure how to maximize it?  Looking for new ways to make your sales team stronger and more productive?

The hard truth is that many people are in sales that shouldn’t be.  Since 1985, we have assessed thousands of sales people and found that many do not know how to adapt their personalities to make the buying experience comfortable for others.  Sales professionals who can adapt their selling style to the buying needs and preferences of their customers have stronger, more influential relationships with their customers.

While finding the best natural talent to begin with is nice in theory, it doesn’t always work out that way. Discover the strengths, challenges and even hidden talent on your team. Understand what inspires each individual and how to tap into their motivators.

What’s In It For You?

  • An easy to read report written to the individual, not about them, so it’s great to share and use for development.
  • Objective insights into each individual’s sales strengths and challenges.
  • A self-awareness tool that provides individual sales coaching advice rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Access to our experienced client advisors to review reports, answer questions and help you use the tool effectively for your team.
  • No training required.


What some of our customers have to say...

MIG Insurance

MIG Insurance Group Ltd.’s mission statement is to serve our customers with quality insurance products and services through a network of brokerages providing professional, independent advice. To achieve this mission we need to ensure we are hiring the candidate that can deliver the quality and professional service we advertise. The Omnia Profile has become a part of our hiring toolbox. The profile provides our Managers another tool to help assess the candidates and we have been using it with every hire since 2010. When we have second guessed the profile and hired when it was not recommended, we have been proven wrong! We are now using the profile to assess current employees to help us understand what they want from us the employer and how we can keep them as long term satisfied employees. I highly recommend the Omnia Profile, it is scary accurate.

Julie A. Notley Guevarra, B. Comm(hons), CMA - VP, Finance MIG Insurance Group