Team Dynamics On-Site Consult

“Teamwork: It’s fascinating that a single snowflake can be so delicate; but when they team up, they can close down an entire city.” ~ Steve Maraboli

There’s no doubt that success soars when we work together effectively. And while team dynamics are often complex, The Omnia Profile is an easy, yet thorough, first step towards understanding ourselves and our colleagues.

Your team will connect better with each other when they can identify and appreciate differences as differences, instead of making judgments.  It’s builds a solid foundation towards building a winning team and driving growth for your company and employees.

Our on-site team review targets specific issues from a team analysis questionnaire and initial phone consultation. Once we understand your needs, we assess the team participants using The Omnia Profile, analyze the results, develop a schedule for your on-site consultation and come to your office.

Every on-site visit is different; we customize the day based on your specific objectives. From meeting one-on-one with employees to interactive group exercises, we are committed to building better, stronger, more productive work teams.

Our on-site team analysis workshop is targeted to specific topics identified in the Team Analysis Questionnaire.

Here’s what’s included in our on-site workshop:

  • 8 hours of on-site personal consultation with direct verbal team analysis. The analyzed topics are determined through completion of the Team Analysis questionnaire and an initial phone consultation.
  • Average of 15 participants – could be more or less depending on topic.
  • Each on-site workshop can include a team workshop that will last a minimum of 1 ½ hours and is customized to the team needs.
  • Executive Summary: includes analysis, recommendations, and action plans.
  • Team Graph Overview:  includes all participants’ individual graphs.


What some of our customers have to say...

MIG Insurance

MIG Insurance Group Ltd.’s mission statement is to serve our customers with quality insurance products and services through a network of brokerages providing professional, independent advice. To achieve this mission we need to ensure we are hiring the candidate that can deliver the quality and professional service we advertise. The Omnia Profile has become a part of our hiring toolbox. The profile provides our Managers another tool to help assess the candidates and we have been using it with every hire since 2010. When we have second guessed the profile and hired when it was not recommended, we have been proven wrong! We are now using the profile to assess current employees to help us understand what they want from us the employer and how we can keep them as long term satisfied employees. I highly recommend the Omnia Profile, it is scary accurate.

Julie A. Notley Guevarra, B. Comm(hons), CMA - VP, Finance MIG Insurance Group