Employee Consulting Solutions

  • Team Dynamics Report

    This in-depth report takes the Omnia Profile to the next level with a forthright illustration of the issues and trends of your group and what you can do to address them.

  • Team Dynamics On-Site Consult

    An eight hour workshop committed to making your team better, stronger, and more productive.

  • Team Dynamics Webinar Consult

    An interactive team analysis that delivers a personal targeted discussion via webinar.

  • Employee Phone Consult

    Affordable 30-minute phone consults with your employees to review their Omnia reports, answer their questions and guide them on the path to self-improvement.

The Omnia Group offers unique, highly personalized consulting services. Our skilled team works with you to delve into the behavioral side of your business. They offer practical, actionable advice to help build a foundation for problem solving, communication, team building and continued success through the understanding, evolution and engagement of your employees.

Unlike an efficiency or productivity consultant who looks at processes, we focus on your most valuable asset – your people, and what makes them tick.  We work hand in hand with your leadership, outside consultants and/or HR department to provide additional tools and information to use on your path to improvement. Our team consulting projects work well alone or in conjunction with any industry-expert consulting services you are using or looking to use. And we customize the delivery to meet your needs and budget.

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