The Omnia Collections Style Report


Our online behavioral assessment tool can be completed in just 15 minutes or less, revealing an individual’s personality tendencies in the workplace. Fill your collector chairs with the right people using our Collection Job Benchmarks.

Maximize Your Top Performing Recovery Specialists

The hard truth is that many people are in collections that should not be. Our Collections Style Report provides objective insights into each individual’s collection strengths and challenges.
The report is written to the individual, not about them.

Collection Job Benchmarks

  • Aggressive Collector
  • Consultative Collector

What’s in it for you?

  • Improve your collection numbers.
  • Build a stronger, more productive team.
  • Discover hidden talent and how to maximize it.

What some of our customers have to say...

Arial Productions International

We value the information these profiles provide. Over the many years that I have used Omnia, I have yet to experience an incorrect analysis and they have saved us a lot of time, money and stress. Thanks for the service.

Robert G. Bishop - President Aerial Productions International, Inc.