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Closing at 1pm for Thanksgiving!

Kerry : November 22, 2017 11:40 am : Blog

"Our office will be closing at 1:00pm (est) today, November 22nd, 2017. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! We’ll see you on Monday, November 27th, 2017!"

Your New Employee Lied on His Resume: Now What?

Crystal Spraggins : October 2, 2017 1:41 pm : Blog, New Employees

"There’s no way to hire right without putting in time, effort, and money. The task often requires coordination (anyone who’s ever arranged a panel interview knows this only too well!), organization, and perseverance. Despite the fact that many job seekers secure positions through the hidden job market, highly qualified candidates don’t just fall out of read more »"

Life as a Cat Herder – Leadership vs. Management

Carletta Clyatt : September 25, 2017 12:35 pm : Blog, Leadership/Management

"Life as a Cat Herder! Leadership vs. Management – The Differences and How to Be Good at Both Running a successful business can be a lot like herding cats. You need a plan for how to get it done, and you need to know what you will be doing with all those cats! You don’t read more »"

Hurricane Irma

Kerry : September 8, 2017 10:39 am : Blog

"Due to the severity and unpredictability of Hurricane Irma, our office may be half-staffed or closed for business on Monday, 9.11.2017. Our instant Reports, such as the Target, Leadership, Professional Development, Sales, and Collections Style will all process as usual. However, our custom written Selection and Retention Profile Reports may not be available as quickly read more »"

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring You Learned from a Shape Sorter

Carletta Clyatt : July 20, 2017 3:17 pm : Blog, Company Culture

"Close your eyes, and think back to when you were a toddler.  Back to when toys weren’t just for fun but were also there to teach you important lessons and help with your development. For me, one of those toys was a shape sorter.  Pretty much everyone who manufactures toys for children has at least read more »"

Getting to Orange – Diversity in Insurance

Carletta Clyatt : July 5, 2017 4:34 pm : Blog, News, Uncategorized

"You heard it when you were a kid. You probably don’t remember when you heard it for the first time, nor do you recall the first time you passed it along to someone else.  It’s one of those old cheesy pun-filled knock-knock jokes that made you laugh, even if it wasn’t all that funny. “Knock, read more »"

How to Transition Your Employee to a Leader

Crystal Spraggins : June 27, 2017 2:12 pm : Blog, News

"The world needs good leaders, that’s a fact. Look around. Whether in the political arena, the spiritual arena, or the workplace, people need leaders to provide direction, guidance, resources, and inspiration. Still, raising up a leader in your organization is easier said than done. A 2015 report from Gallup posited that only 1 in 10 read more »"

5 Surefire Ways to Demotivate Top Performing Employees

Crystal Spraggins : June 6, 2017 12:14 pm : Blog, News

"The funny thing about top performer employees is that while they rarely need external motivation, the wrong kind of management will quickly result in serious demotivation. Also noteworthy: these folks tend to be politically savvy enough to hide the worst of their frustration from their managers. Instead, one day they’ll just up and give notice, read more »"

Why HR Is Much More Than a Necessary Evil

Crystal Spraggins : May 5, 2017 12:01 pm : Blog, News

"HR has come a long way from the days of being called “Personnel,” but in some ways the old stigmas hold strong. Some of the blame rests with the HR profession itself. Now, I know many in my field would strenuously disagree, and they’re certainly entitled to their opinions. However, I stand by my assertion. read more »"

Your Customer Retention Strategy Starts With Customer Service

Crystal Spraggins : April 25, 2017 2:57 pm : Blog, News

"Every thriving business can boast a continuous influx of new customers, but repeat customers are likely a company’s bread and butter. Repeat customers provide steady income at a greater ROI than new customers. That’s because the work required to entice an individual to make a change, take a risk, and try something different is significant. read more »"

Are You Sure Your Agency Provides Good Customer Service?

Carletta Clyatt : February 6, 2017 4:57 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"It’s a rare company that can thrive despite its reputation for bad customer service. To be sure, such companies exist, but they’re not common. Perhaps the company offers a product most consumers simply can’t live without, or the organization is practically a monopoly in a market where people have few choices. Or, maybe the company’s read more »"

2016 Top Human Resource Blunders

Crystal Spraggins : December 28, 2016 5:22 pm : Blog

"Everybody makes mistakes, and HR is no exception. As 2016 comes to a close (and what the year it was!), it’s always good to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and where the new year might be headed. If you’re an HR professional, manage HR professionals, or are somehow responsible for overseeing traditional HR functions read more »"

What to do When Employees Drive You Crazy

Crystal Spraggins : November 11, 2016 5:28 pm : Blog

"Now and then, the employees you manage drive you crazy. In most cases the feeling is fleeting. But not always. We’re all different, and at times those differences can be a bit too much to bear. What can you do when someone on your team regularly gives you a case of the grouchies? First Things read more »"

Re-engaging the Dis-engaged Employee

Crystal Spraggins : August 12, 2016 2:30 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"All the surveys prove it—more than two thirds of Americans would rather be working somewhere else. Worldwide, the problem is even worse. A 2013 Gallup poll found that internationally only 13% of workers are engaged. What Causes Disengagement? Many articles have been written about the causes of disengagement, but most experts agree that employee feelings of read more »"

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Crap Shoot: Hiring for Keeps

Crystal Spraggins : August 3, 2016 3:25 pm : Blog

"In a very real sense, you won’t know whether your ideal candidate will turn out to be your ideal employee until several months post-hire. A lot of factors are at play: the personality of the new hire; the personality of the new boss; the personalities of various coworkers, including those in key positions; the workplace culture; read more »"

Look Out! Here Comes Generation Z

Crystal Spraggins : July 20, 2016 10:45 am : Blog

"If you’re tired of hearing about Generation Y (i.e., Millennials) and what they like, don’t like, and want from work, you’re in luck! Generation Z (or whatever they’ll eventually be called) is in high school, and that means they’ll be entering the work-force in just a few short years. Time to get ready!     read more »"

Why You Need a Mentor (and How to Find One)

Crystal Spraggins : March 3, 2016 10:50 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"Forget all the “bootstraps” stories with which we Westerners love to amuse ourselves. No one has ever achieved any level of commercial or material success without help from someone else. That’s the main reason of “why you need a mentor.” Here are the little whys. You Need a Mentor Because …   A Mentor Knows Things You Don’t read more »"

How, When, and Why to Tell the Boss “No”

Crystal Spraggins : February 24, 2016 11:08 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"Many of us have a hard time saying no to anyone, including those closest to us such as children, significant others, and good friends.    It’s not hard to understand why. We don’t want the people we love to get angry with us, and we don’t want to disappoint them either. Unfortunately, sometimes a “no” read more »"

Avoiding the Counterproductive Counteroffer

Crystal Spraggins : February 10, 2016 11:05 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"An executive once said to me that he never counters when employees announce their resignations, because if employees are ready to move on that’s what they should do. At the time, I thought the executive sounded a little smug and a bit condescending, as though lowering himself to counteroffer just wasn’t something a man of read more »"

Does Your Boss Deliberately Start Fights with You?

Crystal Spraggins : January 29, 2016 10:59 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"What do you do when it seems your boss would like nothing more than to see you blow your top? It sounds strange to say, but there are bosses out there (very bad bosses, I might add) who enjoy provoking their employees to wrath, fear, frustration, and any other number of negative emotions.   I’ve read more »"

Is Your Need for Control Taking Control of You?

Crystal Spraggins : January 15, 2016 10:53 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"  Managing a career takes discipline. If you’ve obtained some degree of success at work, you probably didn’t do it by leaving a bunch of stuff to chance. Instead, a good bit of your actions were likely planned. That’s okay. Self-control is a virtue—there’s no doubt about it. However, difficulties can arise when the need read more »"

Where is Everybody? Managing Employee Absences During the Holiday Season

Crystal Spraggins : December 22, 2015 2:49 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"It’s the holidays, and it won’t be long before the sense of urgency your employees normally demonstrate takes a marked nosedive. It’s only natural. Right on cue with the holiday parties, company-sponsored gift exchanges, and daily influx of seasonal treats most employees will start to slow down as they look forward to time away from read more »"

Should You Give That Employee A Bonus?

Crystal Spraggins : December 15, 2015 2:45 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"When Accounting Principles surveyed more than 500 US HR and hiring managers, two thirds said their company plans to give holiday bonuses this year, with the average amount expected to be $858. Eighty-one percent of those same HR and hiring managers indicated employees could increases their chances of getting a holiday bonus by: Staying more read more »"

Five Things Your Employees Will Appreciate More Than a Holiday Party

Crystal Spraggins : December 10, 2015 2:42 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"Who doesn’t like a party? Parties are fun! There’s music, food, laughter, and great conversation. No wonder most everyone enjoys a good party. Your office holiday party, which typically occurs during work hours, is double the fun. Instead of being paid to work, employees are being paid to not work. How cool is that? Still, there read more »"

Are Your Disgruntled Employees Disgruntled Because of You?

Crystal Spraggins : November 24, 2015 2:35 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"If you’re hearing more moans and groans than Christmas cheer around the office this holiday season, you might have a larger problem on your hands than simply a case of employees who are already in vacation-mode. Unhappy employees tend to be a little more vocal around Christmas and mid-summer, when they’d rather be vacationing than spending time read more »"

6 Ways to Ensure that Your Applicants Have a Lousy Interview Experience

Crystal Spraggins : November 17, 2015 2:35 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"Regardless of how much of a “buyer’s market” it may be, organizations will lose out on the chance to hire great employees when their recruiting processes are hostile or indifferent to candidate concerns. If you want to ensure that your candidates think twice about working for you (or perhaps decline to consider your company at read more »"

Can HR Be Trusted?

Crystal Spraggins : November 10, 2015 2:35 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"Human resources is hardly a new profession, yet many are still confused about its purpose. At the heart of the confusion lies this question—does HR exist to serve the needs of the employer or the employee? Clearly, HR professionals are hired by the organization to further the organization’s goals, but if employees don’t have HR read more »"

Independent Contractor or Employee? How to Get it Right.

Crystal Spraggins : November 4, 2015 10:53 am : Blog, Uncategorized

"Classifying employees correctly is a serious matter that needs to be done with care. And while you might think this goes without saying, the truth is many employers routinely mis-classify workers. In 2008 (more recent numbers not yet available), the Department of Labor received 23,845 complaints of wage and hour abuse and collected more than $185 million in back read more »"

Should You Conduct Employee Exit Interviews?

Crystal Spraggins : October 27, 2015 2:35 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"When people leave your organization, it’s good to know why. But how do you find out? Traditionally, employers have relied on exit interviews or exit surveys to gather information from departing employees about company culture, processes, procedures, and pay. And just as traditionally, employers have let the information gather dust while continuing to collect more. Everyone involved read more »"

Can Your Boss be Your BFF?

Diana Schneidman : September 29, 2015 2:35 pm : Blog, Uncategorized

"The short answer is “no.” It is not wise to consider your boss as your best friend. The same goes in reverse: A boss should not regard a reporting employee as a best friend. Friendly, yes. Best friend, no.  Why?  Friendships are based on equality and a boss is always your superior.  Can it ever be wise to befriend read more »"
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