Assurex Global and Omnia Behavioral Assessments

Versatile, accurate, relevant – The Omnia Profile!


Do you wish you could get a sneak peek of a candidate’s natural job behaviors before investing valuable time, energy and money on training? Or a cheat sheet of your employees’ motivators? You can!  The Omnia Profile, our simple yet amazingly accurate behavioral assessment, provides you with the workplace aptitudes of candidates and employees.

Studies have shown that up to fifty percent of turnover can be traced back to behavioral issues. We help clients quantify the costs related to a bad hire and drive down the turnover ratio which has a positive and direct impact on the bottom line.

How can you use The Omnia Profile in your business?


Pre-employment Hiring

Identify your candidates fit to the job culture, management style, and more!

Selection Before Promotion

Gauges whether the employee is comfortable with new responsibilities and challenges in connection with an advancement opportunity.


Offers insight to help improve an employee’s long-term fit within your company, increasing motivation and productivity.

Team Building

Compare the personality tendencies of an employee to others on the team, including the current supervisor.

15 minutes or less!

That’s all it takes to complete our online behavioral assessment!

Improve your hiring process and develop top performers with The Omnia Profile! Call today to learn how!

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