What The Omnia Profile Can and Can’t Do

Omnia Reports are based on responses to the Omnia Profile, an instrument that measures preferred behavioral characteristics. While an individual’s behavior can fluctuate depending on the situation, the Omnia Profile captures an individual’s most comfortable pattern of behavior and is therefore a good indicator of how they will respond to most business situations and tasks. The Omnia Profile should account for only 20 to 25 percent of the overall hire, promotion and career development decisions. As with any assessment, the Omnia Profile does not measure all factors that contribute to individual success and productivity. Outside of the behavioral characteristics, we recommend you fully evaluate a participant’s skills, education, special training, intelligence, personal work ethic and integrity. In addition to The Omnia Profile, a thorough, consistent interview process, careful reference/background checking and skills testing create a powerful selection system.

What some of our clients have to say...

Totally changed the way we run the business because of Omnia…my office managers love it! We were having the employee’s do everything, sales, customer service, etc. Omnia helped us in that we were able to profile our agency and found that sales people are not good customer service people and vice/versa. Our office is closing more sales and our customer service people are able to spend the quality time needed with our customers. Everyone seems to be relieved and not feel so much pressure. Running four agencies, I don’t have time to personally sit in on all of the interviews myself. I will not hire anyone unless they fit the profile for that particular job. No if’s ands or but’s. We have definitely hired people in the past based on how they presented themselves and how they answered questions. It’s amazing how wrong you can be. People will say anything to get a job.  Omnia saves you time wasted on training someone only to find out that you should have never hired them in the first place.

Kent Schwab - Agency Owner Agency Owner/BGI Member