What The Omnia Profile Can and Can’t Do

Omnia Reports are based on responses to the Omnia Profile, an instrument that measures preferred behavioral characteristics. While an individual’s behavior can fluctuate depending on the situation, the Omnia Profile captures an individual’s most comfortable pattern of behavior and is therefore a good indicator of how they will respond to most business situations and tasks. The Omnia Profile should account for only 20 to 25 percent of the overall hire, promotion and career development decisions. As with any assessment, the Omnia Profile does not measure all factors that contribute to individual success and productivity. Outside of the behavioral characteristics, we recommend you fully evaluate a participant’s skills, education, special training, intelligence, personal work ethic and integrity. In addition to The Omnia Profile, a thorough, consistent interview process, careful reference/background checking and skills testing create a powerful selection system.

What some of our clients have to say...

HDH Group

HDH has been an Omnia Group client for the past 20 years.  We use Omnia Profiles to enhance our knowledge of potential candidates.  This has been very useful in keeping or eliminating candidates for the position for which they applied.  HDH can’t express enough the timely, considerate and professional attitude of all Omnia employees with which we have worked.  As the Manager of HR and Administration for HDH, it is my pleasure to recommend Omnia for all of your HR needs.

Jill Klinefelter - Manager HR/Administration The HDH Group, Assurex Global Partner